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The Miniature Australian Shepherd began due to Australian Shepherds being selectively bred for smaller size.  The Mini Aussie showcases the hard work ethic and intelligence of its larger forefathers with the heightened agility of a smaller breed, making it the ideal choice for a sporting companion, herding dog or service dog.  This compact pup also features many fetching physical similarities to the larger original, including blue or red merle coats, red or black tri-colors and white or tan markings.  Their soft straight or wavy fur is feathered around the legs and head, giving a fuzzy texture to an otherwise sleek, small physique.  Take a look at Color Country Aussies’ prized Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies for sale to see for yourself.

Miniature Australian Shepherds are both exciting, energetic play-mates and loyal, affectionate companions.  Their high agility, intelligence and obedience gives them a natural predisposition towards vigorous sports, tricks and challenges.  Their sporting nature and loyal personalities makes them natural people-pleasers, though their attentive exuberance can turn to boredom and destructive behaviors when left alone without their person for too long.  Early socialization makes Mini Aussies easily friendly towards other people and dogs, though some puppies must be instructed to direct instinctive herding behaviors away from humans.

Teacup Weight: under 12 pounds (5.5 kg)
Toy Height: 10 - 14 inches (26 - 36 cm)
Toy Weight: 12 - 17 pounds (5.5 - 8 kg)
Miniature Height:  13 - 18 inches (33 - 46 cm)
Miniature Weight:  20 - 40 pounds (9 - 18 kg)

Mini Aussies exhibit distinct energetic personalities and intelligence that craves daily exercise and stimulation.  A short walk or game of fetch is enough to give the breed the attention, mobility and challenge they need to stay fit and happy.  Miniature Australian Shepherds are natural working dogs that enjoy a job and encouragement, even if it’s a simple as providing love and affection in your lap.  These adoring pups are adaptable to cold climates and can live happily in small yards or apartments with sufficient exercise and play time.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd’s soft, feathered coat does not require extensive grooming or attention.  Periodically brushing your pup with a firm bristle brush will keep his fur smooth and shining.  Mini Aussies enjoy activity in and outdoors, so bathing your companion when necessary will assure he doesn’t bring the world in with him.  Despite their fuzzy coats, this breed sheds very little fur or dander when properly groomed and bathed.

The breeding program to develop the Miniature Australian Shepherd began in 1968 with the smallest of the regular Australian Shepherds. The wavy coats, loyal personalities and distinctive colors were soon seen on smaller bodies, and the Miniature Australian Shepherd was born.  Numerous canine breeding intuitions now accept this pint-sized pup and the AKC recognizes them as the Miniature American Shepherd.  Breeders today still promote the legacy of the Australian Shepherd’s beauty, instinct and character in a size you can hold in your arms.  See the Color Country Aussies own Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale and you can be a part of the legacy too.

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Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies and Dogs for sale | Color Country Aussies

Welcome to Color Country Aussies. We are breeders of beautiful Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies. Bred from the original Australian Shepherd, known for their agility, intelligence, and loyalty; a true companion. The Miniature Australian Shepherd was selectively bred for its smaller size, heightened agility, and ability to burrow into smaller spaces. Mini Aussies are known for their compact physique with the same poise, integrity, and strong work ethic as their larger counterparts. Furthermore, our Mini Aussies have a striking resemblance to the larger Australian Shepherd, including blue or red merle coats, red or black tri-colors, and white or tan markings. Their beautiful downy coats create a thick barrier against the elements, making them adaptable to the weather wherever you live. Best of all, they do not require much grooming, besides a good brushing every week.

The compact size of a Miniature Australian Shepherd makes them a better choice for those who do not have a large yard or farm, which is ideal for many large dogs with unbound energy. However, it is important that the mini Aussie be provided with plenty of exercise, training, and affection. If the mini Aussie is left alone too much they do become restless. Due to their keen intelligence any pent up frustration can cause them to develop anxiety, which can be easily managed. Daily exercise including plenty of walks, games of fetch, and positive reinforcement through praise will keep the mini Aussie satisfied and at peace. When you are ready to make the commitment to raise a Miniature Australian Shepherd, they become a lifelong companion.

Miniature Australian Shepherds make excellent working dogs. Known for their excellence in dog agility courses and herding abilities, they shine in the competition ring. Their acute senses and loyalty make them great therapy and/or service dogs. The Mini Aussie’s level headed temperament also make them great family dogs.

At Color Country Aussies, our mini Aussie puppies are raised on our ranch with plenty of room to explore and socialize from the very moment they leave their mother’s side. We expose them to all types of animals and social situations in order to prepare them for therapy training or herding training. Our main goal is to breed Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies for the fields of therapy, service and working environment.

We dedicate our lives to breeding Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies. We love our mini family of Miniature Australian Shepherds so much, we are devoted to provide the public with a perfect addition to the family.

We are located in Cedar City, Utah, with the capability to safely ship any of our mini Aussie pups anywhere within the continental US through Delta Cargo for shipping costs. Shipping is generally around $300.00.

If you have any questions about any of our Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies or dogs for sale, please call or email us.

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